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NSA Newcastle

NSA Newcastle? What He Means When He Says ‘I’ll Call You’

NSA Newcastle

If you are a woman who is looking for an relationship, like NSA, in Newcastle, you might be confused by some of the actions that the men out there are doing. Find NSA Newcastle

For instance, a guy might say something like ‘I’ll call you’, and you aren’t exactly sure how you should read into that.

The truth is, those three little words, ‘I’ll call you’, could have a number of different meanings.

Though it can be difficult to know exactly what a man means when he says he will call you when in a Newcastle NSA relationship, it can certainly be helpful to narrow it down.

He Could Be Giving You the Brush Off
One of the things a guy could mean when he says, ‘I’ll call you’, is that he doesn’t want to sleep with you. Remember, this is a relationship focused on a no strings attached relationship, so he might just be looking for an easy way out.

Perhaps he isn’t interested in you or maybe he is looking for something like a traditional dating relationship.

Either way, the words ‘I’ll call you’ might not be a good thing to hear. Fear not, however, because there are loads of other guys out there who are looking for a strictly physical relationship. Continue reading